The Future Economy Centre

The Future Economy Centre (FEC) is a hub of business activity for organisations that offer low carbon goods and services. The space offers like-minded individuals, companies and organisations the opportunity to co-locate, collaborate and innovate together with Low Carbon South West and some of its’ member companies.

The Centre is one of the few major sectorial clusters in the UK containing companies that are delivering both environmental goods, services and the organisations that support them. This is a collaboration between Low Carbon South West and DeskLodge.

LCSW are experts in facilitating organisations to develop sustainable economic growth via our network membership services. DeskLodge are successfully managing flexible, innovative and well located office space and services. We have created the perfect environment to grow your business!

The FEC offers a unique space for individuals and organisations to conduct their business on a completely flexible basis through our hotdesking system, where you can work in a highly productive environment for just £3 per hour. This also provides access to unlimited tea and coffee as well as super high-speed internet at no extra cost, so you can feel right at home in the FEC.


You can receive two FREE days of hotdesking when you sign up online using the code FEC16. This allows you access to the Future Economy Centre on a pay-as-you-go basis with no commitments or contracts! Click here to sign up and receive your free card.

If you are looking to re-locate or establish yourself in this exciting region or sector then please e-mail Alan Bailey at to discuss your requirements

Download details for the Future Economy Centre here