On Tuesday 12th September, Low Carbon South West hosted a roundtable for the Singapore National Environment Agency investigating the West of England’s dominance in innovation in waste processing, followed by site visits to some of the businesses undertaking groundbreaking work in the region.

West of England Combined Authority Mayor, Tim Bowles

Attendees from the Singapore National Environment Agency delegation were;

  • Patrick Pang, CTO for the NEA
    Lam Boon Kia, Deputy Director, Waste and Resource Management Dept
    Director, Environment Technology Office
    Tein Jun Gang, Manager, Waste and Resource Management Dept
    Gwen Tan, Assistant Director, Industry Development & Promotion Office
    Low Guan Jie, Senior Executive, Environmental Protection Policy Dept
    Nicola Hewett, Senior Trade Manager, Department for International Trade, Singapore

Attendees from the West of England were;

Following brief presentations from all represented organisations, the roundtable discussed the wider implications of global policies in waste management, how organisations and governmental bodies can increase opportunities for collaborative approaches and encourage investment in new beneficial technologies and solutions. Following the roundtable and lunch, the Singapore NEA delegation visited both GENeco‘s plant and Carbon8 Aggregates site in Avonmouth.

We would like to thank all attendees, in particular WECA Mayor, Tim Bowles, and Nicola Hewett of DfIT for the opportunity.

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Author: Matt Tudge