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Building Biology Series: 1. Building Biology – just another Ecolabel?

May 10 , 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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Join The Green Register in collaboration with Low Carbon South West for event one of four half-day technical sessions on Building Biology: how to achieve healthy living environments.

Buildings can enhance the health (both physical and mental) of the occupants… or they can be seriously bad for our well being.

The subject of healthy buildings has been rapidly moving up the agenda in the construction industry recently, and The Green Register is excited to offer the UK’s first ever half-day series of training on Building Biology: how to achieve healthy living environments.

The Green Register’s four half-day technical sessions, designed to fit into the work schedules of busy construction professionals, cover the principles of Building Biology and are delivered by expert trainer Tomas Gartner. Tomas is an architect, a certified Building Biologist IBN and founding Director of the Building Biology Association (the UK Partner of the German Institute for Building Biology IBN). He is also a Director of Gale & Snowden Architects and Mechanical Engineers.

The highly regarded and internationally recognised IBN Building Biology Consultant Course (run in the UK by the Building Biology Association) is a fantastic way to gain an in depth understanding of all aspects of healthy building design, but some construction professionals may not have the time or resources to be able to attend the full Building Biology course. The Green Register’s new half-day Building Biology Series offers a unique opportunity to learn about Building Biology and the latest thinking on healthy, sustainable and holistic building practices from one of the experts in the field.

Event One: Building Biology – just another Ecolabel?

More than 150 different ‘eco labels’ are currently in use in the UK for marketing of all sorts of products and materials – from household goods to building products and entire buildings. It has become a game of ‘Top Trumps’. The more we tick as designers the more sustainable our buildings, when in fact most of these labels are only industry driven sales tools with little practical benefit for the project or end user.

The building biology standard (ie SBM 2015) has no intention to add to this. This standard is all about the environment we create within our completed buildings. Designed around the 25 building biology principles and based on scientifically proven testing methods, the standard defines measurable criteria that allow to test whether the environment within our buildings is healthy for the end users. This session will outline the 25 building biology principles, give an overview of design strategies to meet this challenging standard, how other UK performance-, eco- and health standards compare and which of them are useful when assessing materials and products.

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